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Tanks Game News December 2, 08

Battle Watch ready. Now you can show all your friends how you really are in strategy. All your games have direct link that you can send to your friends.

Tanks Game News November 15, 08

Tanks Game version update to 0.25 (new bots and new tanks turrets added).

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Tanks Game Online is Web Browser Game, but what is it Browser Games ?

Web Browser Games

Regular computer or video games are controlled by personal computers (PC) or computer based devices like Nintendo, Atari, X-box, NeoGeo or Play Station. This games are programs that executed directly from the personal computer, Play Station or other device.
With the huge popularity of the Internet, people started browsing the internet in search for attractions or games, and today with help of fast internet and new technologies like Flash or VML, big companies and private people started to develope browser games. Browser games is a games, that don't run directly from a computer like video game, they executed only by browser, and can safe you allot of problems with downloading and installation, although most quality online browser games require registration.
This games also don't have viruses or worms problems, cause they are not installed on the computer. they run directly from the browser. Most of them don't have the same graphic and interaction as installed games, but they can be pretty nice and addicting. Good example for Internet browser game is a Free Online War Game, "Fields of Glory Online".

VML Games

First of all, what is this VML ? VML (Vector Markup Language) is a Microsoft technology for vector graphics then run directly from Internet Explorer - Microsoft Browser that cover around 90% of all Web Browsers. If you don't know what is the name of the browser that you have, you probably have Internet Explorer.
This technology (VML) can achieve very good graphics, whiteout any additional installation or plugins, i.e. Flash also vector graphics engine, require you to install latest version of Adobe Flash Plugin before you can play flash games. Flash can be very heavy and slow in compare to VML, that is also the reason that in offices and schools Network Administrators block Flash sites.
Even today it is very rare to see games made on VML, it is because of expansive and very complicated Java Script programing that required to run VML games or programs.
We have a good example of a game created completely using VML it is Tanks Game. This game use complicated Java Script, PHP, MySQL, VML and Ajax technologies, to achieve very fast interactivity between multiple users, it have simulated 3 Dimensional graphics, done by multiple PNG layers with true transparency. This game run on Linux servers with special CGI installed.
It's probably the first and the best game in all VML browser based Games.

Avoid Microsoft Active X Games

First of all, what is Active X ?
Active X is Microsoft technology that allow to install programs directly to the computer from browser (Internet Explorer). All you need to do for game download and installations is to say YES for the games web site. Avoid it in all cost, and say No to this sort of questions, it can install anything beside the game, and in most cases, this will cause your computer to work slow.
Most of Active X games can allow much better graphic then regular Flash or VML Games, but in what cost ?! The risk to damage your computer don't worth it.

Multiplayer Games

Most of the modern games have multiplayer mode, in other words you can play this games with your friends. This done by networking together different computers (called hosts). It done with protocols like: IPX/SPX (Novell), TCP/IP or Apple Talk, or use just Internet TCP/IP as a network for connecting your friends.
In most cases for Network multiplayer games, one of the computers act like server, and other connects to it.

Massive Multiplayer Online Games

Massive Multiplayer Online Games is a games that work like regular multiplayer games, but with allot of players all across the world, most of this games is never ending, you can play it all your life.
Most of this games are RPG Games (Role Playing Games), this mean you can develope your characters, and every hour you spent in the game, will advance your game heros with new abilities or powers.

Massive Multiplayer Online Browser Games

It's a Massive Multiplayer Games, that you can play and run directly from your regular web browser. This is not a free flash games, that you play at work or school.
And most of them are text based boring games, in them you can see only numbers and text, they are very similar to the old civilization game, for ones that know it from 386 PC computers.
And very few of them have good interactivity and 2d or 3D graphics. One of the 3D simulated visual web browser based online massive multiplayer games is the Tanks Game Online, because of Ajax and VML, it allow as to see something that we can't in other regular web browser games.